EPICpph service features

The development team has put together software that is extremely reliable, fast and stable. In the sports betting industry these are factors that have top priority, hundreds of thousands of players depend on your software and if your platform can perform at crunch time your players might leave to a competitor. Don't risk it and trust your business to a platform that has proven to be outstanding for the past 10+ football seasons.

Management Report

Reports are a big part of agents operations and because we want to provide as much information as possible for all your administration needs, we have tweaked our reports to provide as much relevant information as possible. With our reports you will have the ability to see all your sub agents information and each individual player as well. This report shows information like, current balance, balance at risk and other useful information that is needed when dealing with dealers and daily operations.

Player Financial Report

In order to help you keep track of all your financial operations we have implemented a payment tracking report. This type of report comes handy when you want to know specifics of your payments to a player in case of a disagreement with your player.

Live Action Report

One of the most used reports is the live action report due to the amount of information it will display in real-time. When using this report you will be able to see wagers as they come in and you will be able to move the line in order to compensate action on the side not receiving action.

Weekly Action Report

Normal financial reports in the gaming industry go from Sunday to Sunday and they are broken into daily figures as well. Our software calculates several figures and a final balance taking into account adjustments, wagering figures and many other type of transactions that could have affected the balance.

Open Bets Ticker

Monitoring all bets as they come is vital and the important thing is getting the information you need as fast as possible and without having to run additional reports. Our bet ticker will give you the time when the wager was submitted, the amount of the wager and how the wager was taken.

Financial Analysis

Getting an overview of your financial operation is highly important. This report details consolidated balances that can be communicated to players and subagents without problems. This report will take care of all your accounting in matter of seconds. This report is 100% accurate and it will help you help you keep all financial data at hand.

Unique Lines

Having the ability to customize lines is extremely important, our software gives you the capability to move the line online or you can give us a call and our agents will gladly help you customize the line.
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