About EPICpph

Our Priorities

Our number one priority is your satisfaction and because of it we have spend many years developing software that makes your bookie operation as simple as possible. When using our software you will be in total control of what your players see on their screen or what the clerks read to them over the phone. Some of the unique features our software offers are: capability to be viewed online on any mobile device or computer with a web browser and access to the internet, sharp lines on all sporting events held world wide, overall wagering limits or individual limits if that suits your needs.

Our software is liked by thousands of agents because of its adaptability and flexibility to your needs. Long days of work staying by your phone will no longer be needed our software with the help of our qualified team of experts in the gaming industry will take care of your players.

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About our PPH Services

EPICpph is trusted for simplifying all bookie operations, taking wagers, keeping track of financial reports, recording calls, scoring tickets, keeping lines fresh and accurate, all of the before mentioned tasks are done with our outstanding software and work force.

Our platform will allow you to give your players access to our online casino which has two variations, live and virtual. Both are popular and your players will enjoy playing at either one.

The online gaming industry is very tough, but EPICpph will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed and keep your business growing in order to increase your profits and at the same time offer what the big international sportsbooks offer their players. Some of those benefits are, 24/7 service year around, online gaming platform, casino, sportsbook, racebook. Those are features that only big online sportbooks were able to offer, but EPICpph will give you the accessibility to offer it to your players.

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What our Data Center offers

We have state of the art equipment and a full on site staff that guarantees 99.9% server up time. This is something that no other per head provider guarantees. If you have been dealing with other price per head providers you will understand how important it is to guarantee that your service won't go down.

Nowadays security is a top concern in all transactions done on the web, we have taken this into account and all transactions done on our systems are encrypted and the security of your information is guaranteed.

Our Data Center Features We have an in house development team as well as an in house IT team with years of experience in the gaming industry. They understand what your customers needs are and work to remain as the best offer for PPH services.

EPICpph has plenty of experience and due to the extensive experience we have managed to provide world class bookie services and customer service to all our customers. With EPICpph there is no small customer, we treat you as a VIP agent if you have 5 players or 500. Start your free trial today, with no string attached.

Customer Testimonials

Ruben F – Portland, OR
"EPICpph has proven to be a great pay per head service, my customer couldn't be happier!"

Mario P – Jasper, AL
"No other price per head service can beat the outstanding service that EPICpph provides my customers with."

Cubby E – Elk City, OK
"I tried many pay per head services before sticking with EPICpph, I can honestly say that their service in second to none and your customers will be happy with their outstanding service."

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